• Diagnostics

    ● Dental imaging (imaging unit Planmeka) ● Apex locator (NX)

  • Professional hygiene

    ● Scaling (with the LM system)● Air Flow (teeth polishing with air and fine powder particles using the EMS system) ● Toothpaste polishing

  • Disease prevention

    ● Remineralization therapy● Gums treatment (tebodont therapy)● Fluoride treatment (fluoridating gels, trays) ● Hermetic sealing

  • Cosmetic dentistry

    Professional teeth whitening:✔️whitening system Zoom-Philips✔️whitening system Beyond
    ● Home whitening (includes a dental cast model, making of an individual tray, box for the tray, whitening gel)● Teeth whitening for crowns (whitening of a tooth which changed color after treatment or trauma) ● Intracanal tooth whitening (whitening of a sealed tooth root before the restoration or putting metal-free ceramic dental crowns) ● Dental restoration● Hollywood smile (composite veneers)● Teeth decoration

  • Conservative dentistry

    Cavities treatment:Light-curing sealantCeramic sealant (on-lay, in-lay, over-lay)
    Root canals treatment:Manual and machine canal treatment (with Endo Motor NX and a system of mechanical files Protaper Universal and Protaper Next)Root canals treatment with cold lateral condensation of gutta-percha and vertical condensation of heated gutta-percha
    Treatment of noncarious teeth diseases:Dental enamel erosionWedge-shaped defectsDental fluorosisHypoplasiaEnamel chips and cracks

  • Periodontal treatment

    ● Vector therapy● Closed and open curettage (Gracey curette)● Periodontal flap surgery with the help of guided tissue regeneration ● Applying hyaluronic acid● Platelet-rich plasma therapy (use of PRF, PRP, PRGF)● Dental splinting

  • Prosthetic dentistry

    Dental crowns:Ceramic-to-metalЕ-max ceramics (metal-free)Ceramic based on zirconium oxide 
    Crowns for implants:Ceramic-to-metalCeramic based on zirconium oxide
    Veneers:CeramicCeramic based on zirconium oxide
    Dental bridge work:Adhesive dental bridge work
    Overdentures:Bugel prosthesis with clasp fixation
    Bugel prosthesis with attachments
    Nylon prosthesis
    Acetal prosthesis
    Overdentures for implants
    Dental trays:Sport traysIndividual trays for grinding teeth
    Individual articulation trays 

    Dental splinting:Metallic ligatureFiberglass thread
    Fiberglass bar

  • Dental surgery

    ● Tooth removal ● Complex tooth removal● Removal of dental roots● Tongue and lip frenulum clipping● Bones cosmetic surgeries● Osteoplastic● Gum cosmetic surgery ● Guided bone regeneration● Sub-antral augmentation● Dental cyst removal● Exostosis removal● Platelet-rich plasma therapy
    Teeth implantation:✔️ Osstem system(South Korea)✔️ Straumann system (Switzerland)

  • Orthodontics

    ● Bite correction● Teeth alignment● Orthodontic systems● Dental plates● Trays for teeth alignment● A system of transparent trays with 3D computer modeling● Retainers
    Dental braces:✔️metallic✔️ceramic✔️sapphire✔️lingual

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