Conservative dentistry


DENTAL CARIES TREATMENT is the biggest problem faced by patients. Due to untimely visits to the dentist for the prevention and hygiene of the oral cavity (once every 6 months), patients miss the moment of caries in their teeth. At the initial stages, caries is painless and can be visually detected only when examined in a dental chair. Such a course of the carious process plays a bad joke, since the patient begins to visit the dentist already at the stage of medium or deep caries, when a large area of ​​the tooth is involved in the process - and it must be prepared by removing the tissues damaged by caries. It must be understood that only a patient can prevent a significant loss of hard tooth tissues by contacting dentists when the slightest symptoms appear in the tooth, such as a reaction to cold and sweets. If you ignore and do not treat caries, the patient is faced with an even greater problem - inflammation of the nerve (pulpitis), which is located in the tooth. In this case, the tooth only needs to be depulpated - to remove the nerve from the tooth after undergoing the root canal treatment procedure.

In the dental clinic ‘EVIANT, much attention is paid to the prevention of caries and its complications (pulpitis). To do this, we appoint our patients for regular preventive examinations every 6 months, professional oral hygiene, and also carry out procedures to strengthen the enamel of the tooth.

When treating caries

TREATMENT OF PULPITIS (complication of untimely treated caries) is the treatment of root canals of teeth, which means: elimination of infection inside the root canals, removal of the pulp and its decay, giving the root canal the required shape, maximally hermetic filling of the canals along their entire length. It is very important that root canal treatment takes place in the most sterile conditions (for this, the doctors of our clinic carry out treatment under a rubber dam system - isolation from saliva), modern equipment (for this we use the ProTaper Universal and Pro Taper Next machine tools system for root canals passing Maillefer, Switzerland, which not only improves the quality of work, but also significantly reduces the treatment time.