Dental prosthetics


Dental prosthetics is the restoration of chewing efficiency by replacing a lost (removed) tooth with an artificial one. Even the loss of one tooth threatens with significant problems in the chewing apparatus, because each of the existing teeth in the mouth carries a load while chewing food, not to mention the violation of the bite and facial signs (drooping of the corners of the mouth, 'senile chin', deepening of the nasolabial folds). Since food is eaten every day, each tooth is included in its ‘work’ every day.

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    If you have lost a tooth - due to trauma or due to complications of caries - your dentist may offer you several options: replace the tooth with a bridge with supporting crowns on adjacent teeth or install an implant and then cover it with a crown. If the loss of teeth is multiple, then the defect of the missing teeth is replaced with removable dentures. If there is a complete loss of teeth, then prosthetics with conditionally removable dentures on installed implants is proposed.

    The EVIANT Dentistry Clinic carries out all the above procedures for the restoration of missing teeth, helping to keep the patient not only a beautiful smile, but also to restore the full function of chewing.

Types of prosthetics in our clinic:

1. Covering decayed teeth with crowns (not subject to restoration due to extensive caries, tooth trauma, transverse and longitudinal chips, any defects in hard tooth tissues that occupy 50% of the tooth volume) - ceramic, metal-ceramic, zirconium.

2. Coating (after engraftment) of implants with crowns - metal-ceramic, zirconium.

3. Prosthetics with removable or partially removable dentures of edentulous jaws.

4. Prosthetics with partially removable dentures on implants of edentulous jaws - modern all-in-4 or all-in-6 technique.

5. Aesthetic prosthetics of anterior teeth with ceramic veneers - to eliminate minor defects (cracks, shape, tooth color) by covering the teeth with thin ceramic plates-onlays. The 'Hollywood smile' effect.